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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 22nd January 2008

By: sararingham

I got my first visit with another toyvoyager that hasn't lived with me before called Benni, mom says there are a few more coming. I'm pretty excited, she also told me that my first trip will be to Austria with chrissini and she'll be taking me to France as well. Then off to Scotland with Ocean_Soul13 so how exciting! I'm extremely anxious but I know I'm going to miss Leo Lion but I know he'll be safe traveling with mom and the other voyagers on their way to here... maybe I'll get to meet more... until then though, here's a picture of the three of us!


Aren't we just the cutest bunch? I'm so excited to see Europe, that's such a long way away, I just hope my hosts will show me around and post in my blog a lot for me since I can't do it myself... yet anyways. :-)

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