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Essen, Germany - 4th April 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Today we visited Fabi's mum - Fabi is my mum, so she is my grandmum  :D!
She is a really nice person and she has a good heart to teddies. She has around 50 teddies. Some of them in the living room and some of them in the eating room. I only met the ones in the living room, because the eating room was closed.




Here you can see me sitting on the lap of Leonie. She is a very nice girl and we talked and cuddled a lot :)!

After visiting the teddies, we went around in the flat and I met a lot other animals and people.




In the room of Fabi's brother, I met a corby.
He told me, that his name is Walter and that he is there for more than 6 years now. A really nice corby.

And then I discovered a shelf with little trucks on it. The collection of Fabi's brother.



After saying goodbye to Walter and to Fabi's mum, we went back home.

It was a really long day for me, so I went to bed at home, really happy to be back :)! But it was a nice day :)!

See you soon,

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