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Remscheid, Germany - 28th April 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mommy,
today it's my host's birthday. She is now fourty-something years old. In the morning she had to go to work and in the afternoon her family arrived for coffee and cake. They were her parents, her aunt, her sister with her son, her nephew and her own kids.

We all had cake. Katja made an applecake with amaretto and she bought a strawberry-torte. Too late she realised  that the torte was a really low-fat-thing. It tasted really like there was missing some cream. But the torte was eaten up either.

Later we opened a bottle of sparkling wine and the presents were opened. From her children she got a funny candle that looks like a glass of beer. It is a real beer glass with a jelly candle in it.

From her sister she got a nice heart made of metal to hang at the ceiling and to light a candle into it.

Here you can see us celebrating.



For dinner Katja ordered asian food. Everyone could choose what he liked among four different dishes. We had one completely vegetarian, one with baked fisch, one with beef and another with chicken. It was really delicious.




Later, when all guests were gone, we tided up the kitchen a little bit, but only a really little bit.


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