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Remscheid, Germany - 1st May 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

My host told me that she is a member in Germany's biggest association for pet rat keepers. She is an active member who is working for the association's magazine. She also adopts pet rats that are given into an animal rescue or those who has been found when some irresponsible people released them into the wild or left them alone in the apartment when they  moved out like a thiefe in the night.

On Friday two young rat girls will arrive here that has been brought pregnant  into the animal rescue. One of has given birth to the babies on April, 20th and the other one on Katja's birthday. Katja told me that it is better for the rat babies to be raised within a family, so they can get used to be handled. In an animal rescue they have not enough time to handle the rats and to play with them. The rats are crepuscular animals, so they like playing and eating in the late evening. At his time  every animal rescue is closed.

Of course the rat moms need a cage for themselves. Katja has an extra cage for them, but is only has one little door. So it would not be easy to clean the cage and to handle the rats. She cut a larger hole into the grid and made a larger door of an old hamster cage. She also built in a larger door into the cage top.

We helped her .... ähhm.... we played with her tools.


Here you can see us sitting in the cage with the now large doors.


I'm looking foreward to meet even more rats!


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