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Remscheid, Germany - 4th May 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today the weather was really nice. In the afternoon Katja, her daughter Alex,Chompers, Galaxy Bear and me took a walk. First we went into a little park in front of the police station. We sat on a rocking horse.



Then we went into the muncipal park. This is the observatory.


Here you can see more of the park.


We went through an old district called „Hasten“. Here you can see a famous company, Keiper. They are building bucket seats and racing-style seats for mainstream manufacturers.


We came to a district called “Morsbachtal”. Here the creek Morsbach is running. In this district the first industrial settlements took place long ago. Along the creek tools were made, in the early centuries of industrial settlement the fabrics were run by water wheels.

Here we are all sitting on the balustrade of a bridge running across the creek.


From here you can walk into forrest and follow the route along the historical “Gelpetal”. The river Gelpe is flowing through the valley, coming from Wuppertal. Here you can find an old sledgehammer which is now a museum. Around the hammer some beautiful old houses remained.



We were sitting on the edge of a little standpipe. On the picture you cannot see the water flowing, but we all got a little bit wet. But that doesn’t matter because it was so warm.


On this plate the history of the company that you can see in the background, is explained. This plate belongs to a serie of such plates along a special trail along the creek and its industrial culture.


We rested on a bench in the sun.


We found a rock that was worked into the shape of an easy chair. Alex enjoyed the sun again and we did also.


On our way back home we walked along the “Werkzeugtrasse”, the route of tools. This is a lane built on an abandoned railway track. Along this route you can find many signs of local industrial companys who sponsored this lane. This is a bench made of a huge screw clamp.


We went through the muncipal park again, along a pond with ducks. You can also find goldfish and several sorts of turtels who were released into the wild by their former owners.


It was a very nice day and we all are very tired now. We will help Katja and Alex doing our updates and then we will go to sleep. Of course I will take a look at the rat babies before. We have 17 babies with two mums. Unfortunately one of the moms does not care about her kids, so the other one has to feed all babies. We hope that all babies will survive.


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