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Vantaa, Finland - 22nd May 2008

By: 2012

Here I am in Finland! First thing when I crawled out of the package was to see my host smiling at me. She said that she had been waiting for me and that I would meet another toyvoyager called Pien. But she warned me that Pien (being an elphant) had a fear of mouses (and perhaps rats too) and so I would have to be very clever to win his friendship.

So I put my friendliest expression on my face and approached Pien from a distance. The poor thing got so surprised that he jumped on top of a lamp. I tried to explain to him that I wasn't a mouse, I was a rat and that he had no reason to be scared. After some long and witful discussion Pien finally seemed to warm up to me and now we are good friends as you can see.

P.S  My host wanted me to thank olgamaus for sending the nice card!


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