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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 28th April 2008

By: sararingham

Hey! I arrived in Australia this morning... after the long Anzac weekend, so I'm glad to be here so quickly, there was a lot of room in the package that I was stuck in so I had more than enough breathing room! I had so much fun in France... and now that I've gotten to Australia it's gotten quite cool, it didn't get above 10'C today, it was very very windy... but I was rescued from the mail box while it was still sunny. Shortly after I came in, this is what happened:


LOTS of rain! You can even see hail coming down... this isn't common down in Australia lately. Sara says in the last while - the last 13 or so days it's been raining in Sydney, but it hasn't rained in the Central West in a long time, so this was much needed!

I also got to meet up with Gracy the famous toyvoyager rescuer.. :-) She's so nice! Hopefully a bit later this week I can see a bit more of Orange... we'll see how it goes... it's time for bed though, I'm quite tired from the traveling! Talk soon!

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