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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 1st May 2008

By: sararingham

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Today we went to Cook Park, which is a park right in the middle of Orange, it's pretty old... but Sara showed us some interesting stuff... first we got a chance to feed the ducks!


It was cloudy out so I don't understand why I look washed out, but oh well... that was fun, these ducks are sure not ducks I've ever seen around, I wonder why they're different... but Sara got to get a close up of one that was pretty brave and wanted to approach us...


Once I tried to get a photo with him he quickly hopped back off into the water! Oh well!

After we left the duck pond both of us decided to lay down in the autumn leaves and play a little bit, there were sure a lot of them!


Straight after we went to the huge bird aviary they have in the middle of the park. On the left hand side they have cockatiels and medium sized parrots, in the middle is the cockatoos and much larger birds (one of them said hello to me when I walked up to it, and asked me if I had a biscuit - which Sara says is the main word for cookie down in Australia). Then on the far right hand side is the small finches and button quails.


I think it was a bit cold for the finches, because most of them Sara says live in much warmer climates than Orange is... so we didn't get to see any in that aviary - thankfully Sara has one of her own and we get to see and hear them all the time! They're so pretty! I'll definately get some photos of me with them together before I go to the next host!

Then next to the aviaries is this strange bandstand type thing... can you see us?


Here we are!...


...and then Sara realised that was a new plaque they put up very recently so we got to sit on the other one with the plaque put up when it was built for the city of Orange way back in 1908! Wow that's old!


...then last but not least we got to see this gorgeous fountain that was donated to the city of Orange in 1889... isn't it pretty?


Granted it's not a great photo because it's so dark, but to show you partially what it looks like check out a close up Sara took of it here. Isn't it pretty!

We decided then it was getting a bit cold so it was time to go and get a few more errands done and then time to warm back up at home... but on the way out Sara introduced me to another type of duck that's in the park. Sara's not sure what they're called but she's nicknamed them the "fancy" ducks... they're pretty cool looking aren't they?


Well I'll write again soon mom! I'm having heaps of fun, and I'm very glad I'm wearing a jumper because it's FREEZING!

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