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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 29th April 2008

By: sararingham

Hey! I haven't been doing much these last few days... Sara's been busy with chores around the house and helping Daniel with the home business that they run so I've just been tagging along and helping out where I can...

Today we did heaps of laundry and I helped Sara hang it on the line...


It's getting dark here pretty early so we got up as much as we could before the sun set to leave there until the next afternoon when it would be dry...


Then I got to show you this beautiful tree and the changing colors - it's getting well into Autumn and almost into Winter now - so there are some amazing colors happening on the trees (that aren't eucalyptus - which is pretty much every other tree down here, haha).


I've been helping Daniel - staying out of his way with the big signs, but here are his saw horses that he uses for the big signs... I decided to do a pose with one of them...

Then Sara took Andrew out for a bit of time outside today as well and she found a postcard that was lost in her front yard (blown away by wind) and sun washed and everything! It was a postcrossing card that she got, and the only thing she could read on the back was the postcard ID! How lucky for her! What a travel that postcard went through to finally be taken in!...


Sara says she'll be taking me and Gracy to the park later this week, we'll see how that goes! There's more rain in the forecast (except Sara says never to believe it unless it's actually raining) haha. We can hope! :-) Talk again soon mom! <3

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