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Daisy's House, Australia - 18th July 2008

By: Boneyard Bears

Hi There!

Well Daisy finally found her camera and took a few happy snaps to get my travelog up and running.

I got quite a shock when I climbed out of my travel bag because the bears at the Boneyard are a little bit spooky, but mum says you should never judge a book by it's cover and she's right! (mum's always are). The Boneyard bears are very friendly and made me feel right at home.


Here I am playing with my new best friend Carmen Tavisit. She is lots of fun and looks a bit worn out just like me.

Then I met Daisy's pet cockatoo. His name is Mr Beaky Featherpants. He is a very big bird! I was worried he might eat me because I am such a little bear!  :o


That's all for now, I will write soon!

Love Coop x

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