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Airport Dubai, U.A.E - 4th August 2008

By: Mosuha

Hi Mooooooommmyyyyy....

I know, and I am soooo sorry, that you didn't hear from me couple of weeks and please don't spank my host....

Mona went home to Germany to meet all her friends and family after almost one year, so she was very busy runing from A to B to C etc., that she didn't had the time, to bring us to an internet café to make updates.....

But I will serve you some now, that you at least get some idea where I have been during that time....

First, we took a flight from Chennai to Dubai and I saw an amazing airport! From Dubai we took the next flight to Düsseldorf in Germany... It was a very long Journey, it took us 21 hours to come to Mona original home in a city called Aachen.

You also may notice, that I have a new dress. An indian taylor made it for me! First, Mona was a little angry, cause she told her, that I need a new dress, which should be NO PYJAMA!!! But the taylor made an exact copy of my old one, just with another fabric.... I don't mind, because I like pyjamas the best, anyway.....

Heimaturlaub 2008 028.jpg

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