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Chennai, India - 26th March 2008

By: Mosuha

At the beginning of this week, we all decided to explore a little more of the indian culture.

First, we went out for a typical vegitarian lunch to a restaurant called "Saravanah Bahvan". It is very famous and beloved here in Chennai! We tasted a lot of different things.... most of them were very spicy but delicious.....

Then I found out, that here in India there is a very very famous hindu god called "Ganesh", his face is the face of an elephant! Can you imagine that?!

The legend says, that the god Shiva loved to watch his wife Parvati, when she was taking a bath, but she didn't liked that.

So she made a boy from earth and put some water of the ganges river over him, so he came alive. She called her son Ganesh or Ganesha and told him to watch over the place, while she was bathing. So as Shiva came to see his wife, Ganesh stood in his way, that's why  Shiva beat his head off his shoulders with a sword (how brutal!!).

But than he recognized that it was Parvatis son he killed and he sent his soldiers to bring the head of the first being they could find. So they brought him an elephants head and Shiva brought Ganesh back to life!

Today the hinduism praise Ganesh for his intelligence and he is a very famous god all over india.

Every year there is a special party in september, called Ganesh Charturthi and it takes 11 days!!! The people believe, that in those days the god is visiting the earth... and they all have small up to very big figures of Ganesh at their homes and prays to him even more often during the 11 days.....

At the end of these holidays, all family members bring their figures to the ozean, while they are playing music, singing and dancing on the streets on their ways..... The family's father than brings the Ganesh into the water, where the figure mellts......

Mona was so kind and gave me a picture from the beach of Mumbai last september...... there you can see the people bringing the Ganeshs to the Ozean.....

I think, it's not too bad, to be an elephant in india!!! ;)

At the photos you can also see Chip and me dressed.....

Nooooooooo, this are no girls dress, these are gods dresses!!!! Hindu people dress their little god figures at special days like this!


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