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Chennai, India - 2nd April 2008

By: Mosuha

Hello at home...

today I went with my host to buy some bread.
Mona always says, she misses the german bread so much but fortunatly there is a new bakery in town and not far from my hosts flat.

It's called "La Boulangerie" and it is a non-profit company, which wants to teach young men to make bread, croissants, sweets, cake and so on, so that they later can work at a restaurant or hotel.

Mona is very lucky, that they also sell some things, so she can get fresh and tasty "country bread" and does not have to eat white toast every morning.

I also started to fullfill one of my life missions, to learn foreign languages. You now, in india there are 17 official (goverment) languages and lots and lots of different accents.

English is, lucky me, one of the official languages, but here in Tamil Nadu, tamil of cause, is the main language....

Here is, what I've learned so far:


1= onnu
2= irandu
3= muunu
4= naalu
5= anjci
6= aaru
7= eeru
8= eddu
9= ompadu

Can you help me? - means - enakku udawi cejja mudijumaa?

It is a very difficult language, don't you think?!
But I keep trying and you will see some of my homework at my travelnotebook...

Best wishes,

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tv 028.jpg

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