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Chennai, India - 9th April 2008

By: Mosuha

Things are changing arround here...

Chip left yesterday, and before that, I went with him to the nearest temple to pray for a good journey.... and I also prayed for my friends at home, that everyone is fine.... :-)

Today than there were 2 big surprises...

First, there is a new TV in the house... Mandy Sheep....
She is cute, don't you think?

We had a nice long chat about her travels so for, and it was very interessting....

The next surprise was in the evening. A neighbour came by and gave my hosts an invitation for his son's wedding tomorrow....

This family's favorit god is Ganesh as you can see at the invitation.... I translated the informations for Mona and Uli  B)
There for Mona asked me, if I would like to come with them to the wedding and of course, I love to.....

So, tomorrow I will go to a wedding!! I am so excited...

My hosts are more relaxed... it's the 3rd wedding within few weeks.... because it's wedding saison in india....

tvss 003.jpg

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