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Pierce,NE, USA - 18th September 2008

By: Puny&Bumblebee

Well, this sure was an exciting day!  My hosts took me to a thing called a threshing bee.  There were so many things to see and do.  I got to look at all kinds of interesting things.
That is me with an oldtimer who is holding up a saw!  He was really cool...though very quiet for some reason! 
This is me by the tombstone of someone named Bud Weiser.  If only Fester was around to tell me what that means, cause I really don't think this was a real person...I mean, look at the size of the coffin! 
This is me sitting close to a deer head.  Not sure where the rest of his body is....I looked inside the hummer and did not see it there either.  Hmmm,....
This poor fella looks like he forgot to eat....oh wait, does Mountain Dew count?  hehehe
Here are me and Desi looking at some fishing gear.  Odd looking....I swore I saw those things in the army surplus store just the other day!  We both left there quickly!
Well, i guess that just about covers it.  Melissa is canning tomatoes today and she said I can help!!!  I wonder why she is putting tomatoes in those glass jars....there are no cans!
Toodles Ma!  Talk to ya soon!

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