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Mitchell South Dakota, USA - 1st October 2008

By: Puny&Bumblebee

Well, Melissa had a doctor's appointment , so I asked if I could come along.  John said heck yes!  We have lots to see on our way back home!  I couldn't wait of course!
This is the first place we went.  It is in Sioux Falls South Dakota, and it was just lovely!  The water rushing and in some places trickling.....there were lots of folks taking pictures, so I guess this must be quite a place!
Very pretty, no?
The next place we visited was in Mitchell South Dakota.  It is called the Corn Palace.  WHAT A PLACE!  Corn cobs covered a HUGE part of this palace.  Here, let me show you!
See the front there?  That is covered with corn!  All the designs and such were created using CORN COBS!!!  I was outta my mind!
This is a sculpture made by a man...completely from corn cobs!  WOW!  What an artist!
This is me with a man named Ole Zeke.  He sure didn't move very much!  Come to think of it, he didn't talk at all.  Later John and Melissa explained that these were statues.  hehehe.  Here, I will show ya another one.
Cool huh?  :cyclops:
Well, I guess that about covers this trip.  I think it might be time for me to go back to my mentor.  I sure have enjoyed it here.  There have been so many fun trips and adventures....especially with Brog!  LOL
Mum, I will see you soon!

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