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Remscheid, Germany - 23rd July 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today the weather became much better. The last three days it was not only raining but also really cold. We even had to turn on the heating. Today the sun was shining again.

The first photo is showing a street in the vicinity of my current home. Though you have to walk only a few minutes to get to the town centre with all its shops you have many trees here.


In this little park you can find a pillar which has the crest of Remscheid and the names of the partner towns engraved. In the background you can see the police station.


We went to the district Hasten. We walked along the route of tools (Trasse des Werkzeugs) which is a lane for pedestrians and cyclists. It was built on a closed railroad line. It was sponsored by local companies. Each sponsor got a large metal sign with his name and a symbol for what the company is producing. In Remscheid tools are made since medieval times.


You can find more tool symbols along the lane, for example here, where wrench patterns are stamped into the tarmac.


Here you can see houses which are typical for this region. They are covered with schist and they often have green shutters. Most of them are build before 1900 A.D.



We walked through the muncipal park. In this part it looks really feral.


Here you can see something that is also typical for this region: Allotment gardens. Remscheid is located on a hill. You have many areas at the steep sides of the hill where houses cannot be built. Here you can find many of those allotments here. In Germany they are called "Schrebergarten".


We came back into the town centre. Here you can see a street where all houses survived World War II. In 1943 large parts of the town centre were destroyed but we are here in a part of the town that was not hit by bombs.


At the moment I'm living in the attic storey of the house on the left side. This house is built in 1904 A.D.



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