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rotterdam, the netherlands - 10th June 2008

By: goofychicken

hey mum!

today i arived at goofychickens place and she was realy happy :)
she tells me squiggles is leaving any day now and she was worried already having no TV to take to the zoo next friday


Here are my arival pictures
first there was a buzzing noice then some talking and then i felt i was put down somewhere :)
then something got ontop of me and i saw flashes :s what was going on??
then i saw a little light and i tried to get out of the envalope!
what a suprice! there was a toyvoyager waiting outside for me and his name is squiggles!
we post on a picture together and then we started talking
i just got on the laptop for a second to tell you i got here and will go and play some games now :)
will update soon again

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