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Almere, The Netherlands - 28th July 2008

By: Charda

Last weekend we went to a friend of our host in a town called Almere in the middle of the country. We didn't take too many pictures there, since we mainly watched television and relaxed there, but I do have some pictures to show you :)
This is me yet again on a Dutch train. The houses you see behind me are in Amsterdam.
Since it was really warm weather all weekend long, we sat outside in the garden. The mother of our host's friend had just cleaned up the garden and had taken away all the weeds, so don't you think it looks pretty?
Here we pose together with the dog that lives there. Her name is Buffie. Yes, as in the Vampire Slayer. Now, this was not a vampire slayer, she was pretty sweet, but she did look at us like she wanted to eat us. And apparently that's what she usually does to her toys :o
Since it was really warm all weekend long, we lay down in this comfy chair for a little while. The sun had already gone away, but it was still pretty nice like this :)
And because it was so warm, we got to share an icecream! It was vanilla icecream with strawberry sauce.
We met this giant Dora in the guestroom where we slept. And do you know what's so great about her? She speaks English! She teaches all the little Dutch children how to speak English. "Let's go!"

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