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Rein, Austria - 3rd June 2008

By: strangeMissy

Dear Mum,
Yesterday evening I had to help Sigrid with maths because she had a test today...


But when she finally gave it up, I had time to look at her bookshelf. So many different genres... Everything from crime to fantasy, and some children's books =D


Today Sigrid took me with her to school. Because of the maths test I saw quite many people studying... Must be strange.


The schoolbag isn't really comfortable, but as parts of a baroque monastary are used as a school, there was quite a lot to see. Sigrid told me that she doesn't like baroque churches (she prefers gothic) and that the school isn't related to church in any way. Look:



On Friday we'll go to the next city with some friends... Just relaxing and (for me =D) a bit sightseeing.

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