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I would like to meet other fish.

I would like to make friends with a cat.... :|

I would like to visit all the oceans in the WHOLE world!

I would like to eat a meal with other toyvoyagers.

I would like to be adopted by someone who lives on or near a big area of water

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 27th October 2008

By: Eryah

Random acts part 3: The animals


Today i wanna show you the pets that live here.

This is Dharma. He's a sweet little puppy, but he's also very wild! And he has very sharp teeth, so i have to watch out. His father is a French Bulldog and his mother is a Welsh Corki. He's now 8 moths old.

This fluffy cat is Isis. She sleeps almost the whole day. But she is eleven years old, and that's very old for her kind. It seems like she is mad, but that isn't true. She's one of the sweetest cats i ever met.

This is Mammoet. He's also very sweet. I was afraid of his teeth, but Eva told me that he never bites. He doesn't even know how to do that!

Big hugs Mr. Bubbles

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