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To see indigenous art in each country.

To see traditional dress in each country.

To taste traditional food in each country.

To learn how greet in each country.

To see what is unique to each country

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Okinawa, Japan - 1st October 2008

By: JaymeC

Today we decided to take a break and do something fun instead of educational :) To that end, we headed to Comprehensive Park. Comprehensive Park is near where Jayme lives and is the biggest park on the island! There's lots to do there. Our goal today was the fish pond. Once we got there, we paid for our tickets and got into the paddle boat! They didn't have life jackets to fit us, so we had to hold on tight...

Here's a better view of the bridge from this side.

Ohh and here's a box of fish food!

The fish followed our boat all through the water.

And we got to see some ducks too!

We headed back under the bridge towards the boat docking area.

And a little turtle came to visit

Finally we docked the boat then went to the playground for a bit to run off some energy.

And then headed home! Write about our next adventure soon,

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