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To see indigenous art in each country.

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Okinawa, Japan - 30th October 2008

By: JaymeC

I know our trip to the beach didn't make it seem very October like, but it IS almost Halloween! So today we celebrated. First... we decided to carve a pumpkin. Its rather large.

Jayme cut and opened the top for us (she didn't want us ot hurt ourselves) and we got the job of digging out all the goo inside. She said some people make pumpkin pie with it, but she's not Marth Stewart enough.

Eventually we got them all cleaned out and here we are after the carving is all done!

We put a candle in them and turned out the lights and...

After we were done with pumpkins we went to go 'trunk-or-treating'. Its a festival that's only done on the base Jayme lives on and people decorate their trunks and you trick-or-treat there. It was lots of fun, but we had to help keep the kids contained so we couldn't pose for pictures :(




Tomorrow Jayme said we're going trick-or-treating and hopefully we can get some better pictures then!

Write more soon!

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