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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 7th October 2008

By: sararingham

I realised something today... one of the other toyvoyagers with me... is very similar to me in many ways... Lollipop, she loves chocolate just like me, probably not as much as me though, because I love chocolate the most, and other candy, but she loves everything... so her and I had a bit of a one on one talk today...

...after discussing which candy is mine and her favourite we were shown different candy that Sara has just around her home... let's see... she's got a giant lollipop... just like lollipop herself... but candy, and a lot bigger...

...she's got some pez refills... they go in strange little dispensers... sadly Sara doesn't have the dispenser, she just found these on a clearance rack and got them... yummy!...

...she's got some Oreos... which she's American so she has to love America's favourite cookie... yummy! They taste quite good in milk...

...and the best of all she's got chocolate...

...oh so yummy... and last but not least she's got something that seems to only show up in the stores near Christmas time (all the Christmas stuff is already going up - yikes! lol)... Mint Leaves...

Oh this all tastes so yummy! Don't be surprised if I come back home 2 kilos heavier than when I left! Write again soon mom, when ever I'm not eating all of Sara's lollies (while she's not looking of course)... hehe... :-)

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