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a room, somewhere, Germany - 11th November 2008

By: babyamy

This is how everything started yesterday: Katrin opened her wool box and this little Hungarian bear called Peti chose as many different colors as it could take.

Katrin started to work on her very own creature. But as always, something went wrong: the hands didn't do what the head had planned. Instead of create someting like a snake, something strange has began to live. But Peti isn't scared of me, he keeps his eye on me to make sure that nothing bad happens to me.
This is how I looked when Katrin went to bed yesterday:

And this is how I look today! I've grown a lot and when Katrin has finished crocheting this wool, I'll have to find me some eyes.
I remind Katrin of the ghosts of the Pacman game, that's why she decided that I'll be a ghost. I think, I'll have to learn more about ghosts but I already now that the can change their form very easily and yes, I can do this, too!

By the way, since nobody knows what I really am, Katrin called me Etwas. That's a German word which means "something".

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