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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 26th December 2008

By: Eryah


It's christmas!
My host family went to Den Helder to visit their family.

Den Helder has ever started with the arising of Huisduinen, a whaler village. Gradually it developed into Den Helder which we know now. A city which was built within the linies of the forten. Later formed a number of districts there around. The space between the different town parts is characteristic. Den Helder is a city with a strongly maritime screen. Sea-going, the rescue being, the offshore and the royal Navy natural.

The Navy has stipulated many years' the image of Den Helder. But the Navy shrank in, Den Helder threatened to become a city with no face. By nourishing the culturehistory , the tales of the seaman and with that the coherent heroiek Den Helder has rediscovered its own core values.

Eva told me this while i was watching the ship-building yard.

The Netherlands has a few islands. The best known is Texel.
We were standing on the dunes in Den Helder and saw Texel because the sky was very clear.


This is the boat wich brings the people to Texel.


Today i have a hangover. We drunk a lot of wine...
But it was great to see my host her family. Unfortunally we didn't make pictures, but i promise i make a lot of pictures at new years eve!

Big hugs Papelbon.

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