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Trmice, Czech republic - 29th October 2009

By: misagan

Hi mom!
Today we didn't have the best day at first. We were traveling from Prague to Misa's parents home but there was a traffic jam in streets so we missed our train from Prague to Usti nad Labem and we had to wait one more hour for next train. Luckily the time slipped away quite quickly and we were soon in North Bohemia.
Because of our delay in Prague we missed connecting train to Rehlovice so we decided to walk. When we reached the terminal bus stop in Trmice we looked around and realized that there is a nature around us! What a difference between last days when we saw mostly city!  :)


The day is not gonna be so bad as we thought at first! :)
We walked in a valley along Bilina river. This river flows into Labe (or Elbe) in Usti nad Labem.
The hills are pretty!




I saw a bit of the Bilina river! It's not so big.


Later we saw something really interesting. As we are in borderland (called Sudety, or Sudetenland)  there we saw a bunker! In 30th of the last century, before the WW2, there was built a chain of bunkers for defense purpose. The bunkers stand about one or two kms from each other. In final they weren't allowed to be utilized but they stay here up to now. I was curious how it looks like inside but Misa didn't allow us to watch.  :stare:


Next to it is this little rock.


And nearby is a highway.


We were only about 1.5 Kms from home and we need to go straight ahead.


By the way we were still walking on border of Ceske Stredohori (Böhmische Mittelgebirge) which is a protected landscape area.


All our way me and Wieka settled in Misa's coat pocket which was very comfortable. :)


And in short we reached home! We were so impatient to unlock the door! At first we argued who unlocks but finally Wieka did it and I pushed the handle. Great team work!  :cyclops: 


Home sweet home!  ;)

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