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Graz, Austria - 27th November 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today I finally arrived here in Austria. When I was leaving my "aircraft", there was a welcome-committee of the other TVs and my new host mom.
There are 3 other TVs here now: Atta, Mr. S and Sandi Rose.

We talked a bit of our adventures, the countries we have visited and our former host parents.

Then our host mom decided to bake. The other TVs told me that she really likes to cook and bake and that they have learned quite a few recipes. Today we made an Italian cake that is traditionally eaten in the time before Christmas. It's called Panettone. It's made of a yeast-dough and actually quite some work...it needs to rise a few times before baking. But well, the result was worth it and the cakes were delicious!

A delicious first day! :D

p ankunft.JPG
p ankunft3.JPG
p panettone.JPG
p panettone2.JPG
p panettone3.JPG

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