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Graz, Austria - 1st December 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We did some shopping in the city center today and went to the Landhaushof. That is a courtyard in the inner city. In the summertime, there are often concerts or open air movies. And now, in the weeks before Christmas there is a nativity set there, made of huge ice cubes! I guess it is hard work to built this every year and then, when the weather gets warm, the nativity set melts away  :(

We also went to the Kunsthaus, which is a museum for modern art and photography. It was built for Graz 2003, when Graz was cultural capital of Europe. The building has a very unusual form and is therefore also known as "friendly alien". You can see the building from different angles. We took a break on a model of the Kunsthaus. It was made for the blind so they can feel what the building looks like.

Then we went on to the Murinsel - the island in the Mur. The Mur is the river that divides the city in 2 parts. The island was also built for 2003 and has a small amphi theatre and a café.

We also had a look at the clocktower - you can see it up on the Schlossberg, a small mountain in the city center. The stairs you can see are called Russiansteps.

And we found another nativity set there on display: made of wood.


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