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Palm Desert, California, USA - 20th February 2009

By: estromberg

Chippi and friends visited the Living Desert Zoo today. Renee volunteers there in the children's petting zoo every Tuesday.
Suddenly a huge eagle swooped down and snatched me away!
I squirmed like crazy and he dropped me.
OUCH! Right onto a cactus!
A friendly warthog came by and saved me. I didn't know my way back to my host so he told me of a wise tortoise who lived near by who could help.
Unfortunately he was sleeping for the winter so we went to ask the giraffes if they could help.
They didn't know either and with a kiss they sent me to the wisest billy goat in the corral.
Indy was indeed wise.
After much contemplation he advised a journey to the Magic Blue Butterfly.
He called his swiftest goat messenger, Patches, to take me to the Magic Blue Butterfly.
On the way Patches showed me the nest of a huge bird.
And we took a funny picture of me as a hummingbird!
Finally we met the Magic Blue Butterfly and he said, "Look behind you. Your host is taking your picture right now!"

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