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Amadora - Lisboa, Portugal - 8th April 2009

By: carinafernandessousa

Hey everybody!
I’ve arrived safely after spending almost two weeks trying to get to Carina. I’ve finally made it!
The weather is warm and I can only think on visiting the beach.

When I arrived Carina took a photo of me and a group photo. In the group photo you can see our little Toyvoyager family.



We have already watched a movie – Get Smart  - and we had a great time.


Carina told me a little secret…. Thursday we are all going on a trip! Yes! We are going to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal – Leiria! The trip takes one and an half hours by car so in the way I can get to know Carina’s family, Carina and my new five friends!
I hope Thursday arrives soon!

See you soon!

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