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Oberursel, Germany - 28th April 2009

By: AnjaM

A new guest: Harold Giraffe!

Hi Mommy,

we got all excited today: another toy voyager arrived!

Anja carried up a small envelope to the apartment when she came home from work. Of course, we all shouted: "Who's that, Anja? Another toy voyager to keep us company? Open it up, open it up!"


"Hold your horses!" Anja said, "I have to open the envelope gently, don't want to scare the little guy!"

Then the envelope was opened, and out came Harold Giraffe!

Here you can see Harold taking a first glance at us: Sweetsy the gingerbread man, myself, Wusch the frog and Garry the duck:


We all got a snack of Twix bars (my favorite snacks)


and then we told each other stories of our travels until Anja sent us to bed. Aren't we a nice group?


Harold is cute, isn't he? And he has travelled so far already!!! I think we'll still do a little talking in bed  ;)


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