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Around the World, Germany - 16th May 2009

By: AnjaM

A Trip Around the World

Hi Mommy,

tooday, Anja took us on a trip around the world!  :D

First, we took the S-Bahn (subway) from Oberursel-Stierstadt, where Anja lives and then we took an ICE train.

As I have taken a train trip with Anja before, I did not take any pictures this time.

Finally, the train stopped, and we all got out. 

What the heck was this? We were in China!  :o

We had come to a place called Kota Radja! 


It had a very nice city wall


but it was guarded by a terrible dragon, who tried to eat me!  :o

(Will you please tell Anja to stop feeding me to dragons all the time!  :mad:)


Thank goodness a nice Buddha rescued me!


And he allowed me to see the city and the beautiful flowers




We even got to play with a lion!


It sure was exciting in China, but I was still a little scared of this hungry dragon, so I didn't mind it when we left.

But then we got out of the frying pan, and into the fire. :o

Because next we went to India, to the Temple of Rats!  :o

Ooooh, look at the nasty rats guarding the place!!!


They scared the living daylights out of me, but they told me they don't eat TVs. What a relief!

The other rats there were much nicer! We found a band of rats that played music for us


and finally we had fun and played games with some funny rats


What an exciting day!!! All around the world in just one day!!!  :D

.... Well Mommy, I must admit I told a fib: we did not go to China and India at all, but instead to Anja's friend Ratta in Hagen, where we played with Ratta's rat collection and visited a Chinese restaurant  ;)

But it was a fun day nevertheless!  ;)



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