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Porvoo, Finland - 3rd August 2009

By: Delenna

These photos are taken around the cathedral, in the Old Town. The houses are mainly wooden and used as living quarters and stores and museums etc. Look at that car! I'd make one cute ornament  B)

The painted boxes are electricity boxes. They were painted by kids in  the local art school. All the electricity boxes in the Old Town are painted to look nicer. It says "oy sekatavarakauppa ab" which means "general store ltd"  :D

penny_porvoo 007.jpg
penny_porvoo 020.jpg
penny_porvoo 018.jpg
penny_porvoo 019.jpg
penny_porvoo 024.jpg
penny_porvoo 025.jpg
penny_porvoo 016.jpg
penny_porvoo 021.jpg
penny_porvoo 023.jpg

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