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Graz, Austria - 4th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

It's me again. On the weekend we finally had a beautiful day and so we had a little icecream-feast  B) But don't worry - I haven't eaten everything on my own!

And I started sightseeing! I went to the Palais Saurau in Sporgasse, where a Turk with his dagger is looking down from an opening just below the cornice of the Palais. There are many different stories about the Turk there: One is that the Turks had taken Graz, except the fortress on the Schlossberg. When a Turkish pasha was having dinner in today's Palais Saurau, a cannon ball shot from Schlossberg and hit his plate with the delicious roast. The latter flew out of the window. What else could he do but gaze after it? In his rage, he ordered the withdrawal of the Turks from Graz.

As in fact, however, the Turks have never occupied Graz, the story must have been different. Opinions about the original function of the wooden figure with Turkish features are divided. Maybe the Counts of Saurau just followed a fashion which caught on after the great victory over the Turks in 1683, and decorated their house "alla turca".

Another story is that when the cannon ball hit the Palais, the Turk wanted to flee the place, but had eaten to many dumplings and therefore got stuck there.

Anyway, you can see me with the Turk in the background.

The next picture shows me and Germania on the Karmeliterplatz and the small fountain there!

Bye for now, or as they say in Austria: Pfiat di!


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