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Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Canada - 29th October 2009

By: Rennire


I made my first trip out today! We went to an old cemetery called Mt. Olivet.


It is special because this is where some of the people who died on the Titanic were buried.


We followed the signs.


Here it is!


There is another Titanic gravesite in the city that is much bigger. This one is where the Catholic people were buried.  The graves are all the same here.


Here is some information about it:



A lot of the stones do not have names on them because when the ship sank these people had nothing that could be used to identify them.


This one has a name. It's Wenzel Linhard. He was a 3rd class passenger from Austria and was 32 when he died.


It was starting to rain so we didn't stay very long. It was very interesting though!


Bye for now!


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