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Rehlovice, Czech Republic - 24th December 2009

By: misagan


In the morning Misa's family ususally decorates a Christmas tree. Well, she decorates it alone but it doesn't mind.
Because I am visiting her for Christmas I decided to help her.
But at first we had to play hide and seek.

Where am I? :)


Later we started with decorating. We had some glass balls and some decorations made from straw....
I am a very cute decoration as well!



During the day we watched fairy tales on TV. The Czechs always watch fairy tales at Christmas and there are several ones that are broadcasted every year.
There were also big preparations for Christmas Eve's dinner.
In the Czech Republic they usually eat fried carp and potato salad.
Because Misa's father has roots in Slovakia where they also eat a soup made from dried mushrooms and sour cream, is this soup also part of Christmas Eve table.
Another family habit is to eat a garlic clove to stay healthy. Fortunately they didn't insist on one clove for me. I feel healthy enough!


And after the dinner we moved to the living room and under the Christmas tree there were some gifts!
In the Czech republic the gifts brings Christ-child.


Happy Christmas!

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