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Dubice, Czech Republic - 26th December 2009

By: misagan

Hi mom!

Today we went for a short walk. I want to show you something!

We arrived at the place in the afternoon but as it is usual in winter, it was almost dark. I saw the moon at least!


We are in Dubice. It's a village on the hills above Rehlovice and there stands a church from where is wonderful view on Ceske Stredohori (Bohmische Mittelgebirge) and Elbe River.


The valley of Elbe River is very beautiful, especially in spring. It's a very romantic place and is sometimems called "Porta Bohemica" eg. A Gate to Bohemia.


If we sail this way down the river we would be shortly in Germany! This is  so exciting!


That's so pity we didn't make a boat trip on the Elbe!  :thinking:
Even thought it would be quite chilly these days on the river...
We said "Good Bye" to the moon on the sky and returned home.



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