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at home, Germany - 14th June 2009

By: RikeH

Hello again,

today is the last day for 3 of us in Sülfeld, so we watched our travel logs together. We had so much fun to see, what we have done!


Then we all decided to talk all the day and the night, before some of us leave to their new hosts. So here we are sitting in front of long hippo and talked about our adventures. From the left to the right you see us all together. We are me, Kunigunde, ThomasHH, Slummy, Penny, Bree and Lupus-Tigger.


So now I saw 5 different TVs, one pig from Germany, one dragon from Germany, one cat from the USA, one giraffe from Italy and one tiger from Austria.

And I have seen TVs from 2 different continents, no bunny, 5 guests, and I really enjoy my life as a TV  :D

Hugs dicker Kumpel

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