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along the Danube, Hungary - 29th June 2009

By: RikeH

Hello from Hungary !

Today we made a trip with the bus, because we wanted to see the Donau-Knee. You will see it on one of the photos. First we visited a small village, where many artists live. It has a nice church and a great place.



Then we went to a big Fortress, called Visegrad. We saw the Donau-Knee there, And later, from the place, where we had dinner, we saw the Fortress,



We drove to the cathedral of  Esztergom, one of the largest churches of Europe. It was amazing. When we stood next to it, we saw our ship in the Danube. Of course I wanted a photo !


Back on the ship, we made a photo of  the cathedral of  Esztergom. Isn't it beautiful?

After it, I played on the ship.



Yours Dicker Kumpel

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