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Porvoo, Finland - 4th September 2009

By: Delenna

Phew! I arrived in Finland!  :D
It's Friday and my new hostfamily goes to the sauna on Fridays. So, I got to clean myself too - in a very Finnish way!

We took the photos when the sauna wasn't on, to get better photos. Their sauna is heated with electricity but there are sauna's that are heated with wood (mainly in summer houses etc.). Before one goes to a heated sauna, (s)he has to take a shower, just to get wet. Then one sits in sauna and throws water on the sauna stove (hot stones) to get more heat/humidity. A good temperature is 60-80 degrees Celcius - says my host, people like different degrees. If you sit in a sauna long you have to pour some water on yourself or go in the shower in the middle. Sauna doesn't feel good if you're dry.

In the summerhouses with saunas people usually have a sauna whisk, made of birch. You hit yourself gently with it - it doesn't hurt because there are the leaves on. A sauna whisk is an extra way to get clean - and it helps with mosquito bites too!

Sauna relaxes your musles and opens your skin pores. So you get clean from the inside too. After sauna you take the shower again, but this time you wash yourself.

You'll definitely want a cold drink afterwards too  ;)

PS: they even have a society for saunas:o


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