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Michaelsberg, Untergrombach, Germany - 19th August 2009

By: olgamaus

In the evening we went to Michaelsberg, which is a hill in the district Untergrombach, about 270 m high. A chapel was built there in 14th century, the one you can find there nowadays was built in the 1740 years. Michaelsberg is a pilgrimaga site.

This area is one of the first nature protection areas. It is a landmark at the Upper-Rhine.

We went here for having dinner in a nice prestaurant. After we ordered our meals, we took a look around.

Here you can see the restaurant and on the left side part of the chapel.



This is the chapel.


We had a fantastic overview from Michaelsberg.


Than we returned to the restaurant.

Dinner is coming - yummy!

What is looking like the left-over of a storm-flood are delicious Maultaschen (muzzle bags), a Swabian (Baden-Württemberg) specialty food, consisting of an outer layer of pasta dough with a filling traditionally made of minced meat, spinach, bread crumbs and onions and flavored with various spices. Because Katja is a veggie, she ordered Maultaschen with a spinach-an-leek-filling, with onions and topped with melted cheese. (Although ... a mouse-filling would have been even better :D )


It's wonderful, I can tell you :D

In this region they also make a lot of wonderful beer. We had a large beer in a stein.


As you can see it was already getting dark than, so we went to the edge of the hill once more to enjoy the sunset.




Bye for now

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