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Disneyland, USA - 4th January 2012

By: vyl87


Here are the pictures from yesterday at Disneyland.

First we went to Disney California Adventure. There was a lot of people so we didn't really get to ride many of the rides because the lines were so long.
The first ride we got on was California Scramin'. It is a high speed roller coaster. I was very excited to ride it. but I had to stay in a safe place so that I wouldn't fall out. That ride was very fast and had a few drops and a loop.
After that ride, we walked around Paradise Pier. They had many game booths and stores. We wanted to ride Mickey's Fun Wheel, but the line was too long. The wait was over an hour.
After a bit more walking we were feeling a bit hungry and decided to eat at Boudin Bakery where we got Creamy Broccoli and Cheddar in a bread bowl. It was quite delicious. We sat and watched the ducks in bathe in the water as we ate. They were cute
Once we were nice and full we went to "A Bug's Life" to get a few pictures with the statues there. Everything was over sized there which made it very fun.
We rode the Monsters Inc. ride, but it was too dark to get any good pictures.

At the Disneyland park there was way more people and even more longer lines. We walked around and took a few pictures.
We rode the Buzz lightyear ride. It was fun and entertaining.
The last ride we rode was the Small World ride. That ride was very pretty and it was fun to look at everything there. I really enjoyed it.

2012-01-03 14.26.29.jpg
2012-01-03 14.59.21.jpg
2012-01-03 15.08.19.jpg
2012-01-03 15.04.23.jpg
2012-01-03 15.04.49.jpg
2012-01-03 15.08.50.jpg
2012-01-03 15.09.19.jpg
2012-01-03 15.12.15.jpg
2012-01-03 15.12.56.jpg
2012-01-03 15.14.38.jpg
2012-01-03 15.15.03.jpg
2012-01-03 15.15.11.jpg
2012-01-03 15.15.54.jpg
2012-01-03 15.16.10.jpg
2012-01-03 15.16.24.jpg
2012-01-03 15.17.55.jpg
2012-01-03 15.19.21.jpg
2012-01-03 15.22.59.jpg
2012-01-03 15.23.15.jpg
2012-01-03 15.37.02.jpg
2012-01-03 15.43.02.jpg
2012-01-03 15.43.47.jpg
2012-01-03 15.45.47.jpg
2012-01-03 15.47.11.jpg
2012-01-03 15.52.32.jpg
2012-01-03 15.53.14.jpg
2012-01-03 15.53.55.jpg
2012-01-03 15.54.49.jpg
2012-01-03 15.55.33.jpg
2012-01-03 15.55.47.jpg
2012-01-03 16.01.25.jpg
2012-01-03 16.03.07.jpg
2012-01-03 16.21.48.jpg
2012-01-03 16.22.00.jpg
2012-01-03 16.45.39.jpg
2012-01-03 17.10.44.jpg
2012-01-03 17.15.32.jpg
2012-01-03 17.16.21.jpg
2012-01-03 17.17.24.jpg
2012-01-03 17.18.22.jpg
2012-01-03 17.19.17.jpg
2012-01-03 17.40.50.jpg
2012-01-03 17.41.08.jpg
2012-01-03 17.41.26.jpg
2012-01-03 17.41.53.jpg
2012-01-03 17.42.05.jpg
2012-01-03 17.42.55.jpg
2012-01-03 17.43.35.jpg
2012-01-03 17.44.23.jpg
2012-01-03 17.45.10.jpg
2012-01-03 17.45.27.jpg
2012-01-03 18.06.55.jpg
2012-01-03 18.20.58.jpg
2012-01-03 19.05.01.jpg
2012-01-03 20.30.52.jpg
2012-01-03 21.10.29.jpg
2012-01-03 21.13.15.jpg

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