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Sylt, Germany - 30th October 2009

By: RikeH

Moin Mum,

do you ever have heard "moin", Mum? That means in Friesland "hello".

Today I had to travel a lot to go to the sea. First Tobias and I took the underground in Hamburg to go to the railwaystation.



There we changed into a national train to Westerland, Sylts main town. On the way I saw meadows and fields and I crossed over the Kiel-Chanel, the most used built waterway of the world. Here I enjoyed the beautifull coloured countryside of Schleswig Holstein, Germanys northest federal state.





Before the train arrives in Westerland it has to cross over the Hindenburg Dam. On both sides of the dam you normally see the North Sea ... but today, Mum, it was dark so I couldn’t see the water.


In Westerland we changed our transport again and took the bus to Wenningstedt. There we walked to the beach. I was sure I wouldn't see the water but I wanted to hear rustling the sea when the water runs up and down the beach.There I first found a bank but it was to far away from the sand. So I climbed down and built with sand a small castle where I sat down to listen to the sea. Here, Mum, you see me at the beach ... beautiful!






When I enjoyed the fresh and healthy air of the North Sea I met two boys. They walked along the beach with their lanterns and lighted it up for me. We hoped to see the water by that way ... but it didn't work.  :(




In this case it was nice to meet the children they tried to help me to see the sea at my first evening. Afterwards I went to our hotel. Now I was waiting for tomorrow!

Yours Blinchick

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