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Sylt, Germany - 1st November 2009

By: RikeH

Moin Mum,

in the morning I walked along the beachside where I saw sea gulls again.


After walking a while along the coast I noticed a ship-wreck which lies at the beach. First I was flustered and I wanted to call the police but then I realised it is a playground.



Normally the dunes should be crowed over by grass so the wind and the waves couldn't wash away the sand. Here everything is fine:




Other parts of the coast are damaged by the water when the rough sea crashed into the edge of the dunes and flushed out the sand:


Terrible destroyed is the Red Cliff by Kampen. Here the edge partly looks as somebody had cutted the ground with a knife. The administration tries to rebuild the countryside with replanting grass and erecting sand-catching-fences to keep the sand at the beach.







After travelling to Westerland we locked our luggage at the railway station. Then Tobias and I strolled through the town. Here, Mum, you see the upper part of the Friedrichstaße, the main shopping street. Nearby is a fountain that is called Wilhelmine. Another life mission is “Collect kisses from 15 different girls”. First I thought to swim to Wilhelmine to collect a kiss but then I decided to go for a walk through the Friedrichstraße. In November it is off-season so most of the shops are closed on Sunday … so there were not such a lot of tourists going around. At the end of the street is an art-gallery. Through the window I saw a painting with an old sailing ship. I though it must be very interesting to sail over the oceans with such an old ship. I asked myself what would be happen when a sailor falls into the water.






At the lower part of the Friedrichstraße at the end you see the entrance to the promenade. Here stay beach-chairs, something special at Germanys coasts. Beach-chairs are covered seats which protects against wind, sun and rain. In the centre of the promenade is a music-shell - in the summer an orchestra plays music there. Beside you can see MS Kaatje with a length of 7 m. Before it was taken out of service it was a rescue boat of the DGzRS, the German Society to rescue shipwrecked Persons. Now I knew there would be help if there is a disaster in the North Sea.








Afterwards I went back to the railway station. On the way saw a beautiful car, a Porsche Boxter S. It must be nice to drive in the summer with the convertible through the beautiful countyside of Sylt. In front of the railway station-building stands modern art: a "family" which is leant backwards by the storm (or something else):



When I entered my train to Hamburg I saw a cargo-train with open, two-storeyed wagons leaving the railway station. That was the Sylt Shuttle which carries cars and trucks from the continent to the island and back because there is no road between them. I tried to count the numbers of wagons but I couldn’t … the train was sooo long.



After I had taken a seat inside my train I looked out of the window and saw more cars running onto another Sylt Shuttle.




After leaving Westerland Tobias and I travelled back to Hamburg. The train-ride took three hours – each hour took me more away from the sea, the beautiful North Sea. What a pity!

Tomorrow I am going back to RikeH. I'm sure she is in a fever what I have to tell her about my trip to the North Sea.

Yours Blinchick

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