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To see the Eiffel Tower.

To take a gondola ride in Venice.

To meet some young children at a creche.

To sunbathe on a beautiful beach

To return home to Bobby and Oki.

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Luberci, Moscow area, Russia - 11th December 2009

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello Don, Debbie, Bobby and Oki!
I`m in Russia at last! I handed all presents to Maria and she asked me to write "Thank you!!!".
I met here another TV Terry, he is from USA. He helped me to go out of my box.
It was late when we left the post-office and already dark, that`s why we have nothing to do till tomorrow morning. I`m looking through photos of other TV`s and watch strange Russian music concert.
I will write to you again very soon.
Take care,

о‚ꈋ‚ка 181.jpg
о‚ꈋ‚ка 185.jpg
о‚ꈋ‚ка 186.jpg
о‚ꈋ‚ка 187.jpg
о‚ꈋ‚ка 191.jpg
открытка 186_1.jpg

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