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Pasadena, CA, USA - 9th January 2010

By: swan

Hallo, this is Thomas. Today, I had a little night adventure. First we went to church. It was too dark inside the chapel, though, so that the picture with me didn't work out  :rolleyes: But we made two pictures outside. There were some lights, so that was better. On the first one, you see me in front of these stairs, they go four stories up. Looks quite beautiful and there are some little crosses attached to that building on the outside.
The second picture shows me with the Worship Center in the background. Swan told me that's really big, we didn't go inside today, though. She promised me to take me there another time. Today, we were in the chapel, which is a smaller, older building.
The church is called Lake Avenue Church.

The third picture show us on the way home. Oh, I have to tell you more about that bridge later, when we can make better pictures during the day.

We also cross the Historic Route 66 when we walk to church or back to Swan's home. That's me with the street sign on the last picture.

Oh, it was so exciting to have this pre-view during the night. We'll go to all these places again some other day when the sun shines and we can see better  :D


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