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Sea World, California, United States - 19th April 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi Mum,
Greetings from Sea World! This weekend my host took me down to Mission Bay to visit the Sea World aquatic theme park.


We arrived later in the day and  the park was still full! Lots of people from around the world come to visit Sea World and you can hear many different accents spoken.

While we were there we visited the shark exhibit which consisted of many large tanks with both large and small sharks inside. The inside of the exhibit was pretty dark so I'm afraid the pictures did not come out well enough to post.  We did get to go through a huge tunnel where the sharks swam over top of all of the visitors.

Here's a picture of just how big a shark's mouth can be!


I also got to see lots of cute seals.  One of the seals in the picture with his nose pointed upward was trying to go to sleep! Imagine sleeping like that.


The Forbidden Reef


Next we visited a large pool where we could put our hands in the water and pick up the sea snails, sea cucumbers and sea stars.


Statue of the giant sea star right outside of the pool


Here's a picture of the outside of Cirque Del Mar


It is a show that is opening sometime in May that should be a cross between an aquatic zone and Cirque de Soilel.


While here we also got to visit Shamu!


Well, I don't think it's the original Shamu, maybe just a cousin or relative.  Underneath the Shamu stadium visitors are able to view the killer whale as he swam around the tank and up against the glass.




Check out this weird cow statue that we found.  He is actually riding a surfboard, but you cannot see it well in the picture.  When people would come close to him he would say different phrases and tell jokes dealing with milk products!


Nearing the end of our trip we visited the Anheiser Busch area of the park. Anheiser Busch actually owns the theme park, and has a fake brewery on sight, along with their famous Clydesdale horses.  I hear that you can usually visit the Clydesdales, however when we went they had the entrance to the horse stalls chained and locked.


Flags outside of the brewery


Both my host and I could not figure out what the flags were for and no signs around really said. *Shrug*

Ending our trip, we all went on the sky lift and rode over Mission Bay. Very pretty.


It seems there are two pictures missing while I am posting this travel log. I will have to find them and post them later this evening when my host and I get home from work. 

Hope your doing well mum!


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