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San Diego, California, United States - 16th April 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi, it's me Drovius!

After several weeks of traveling in a cramped envelope I have made it to my destination in San Diego, California! When my host saw the package was from Lithuania she thought that it was a package from a swap she did from Lithuania, but to her surprise it was me!


When my package was finally opened I was introduced to several other toys that lived in the house. First there was the Pillar family. They are a family of windup caterpillars. Next was Hoots the owl, he is a toyvoyager just like me and has been visiting my host for sometime.


I gave my host the Lithuanian coins and postcard you had sent along just as you asked!


My host was very surprised and says thank you!

Can't wait to see what adventures await.


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