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Sea World, California, United States - 18th April 2010

By: Xadrian

It's me again, Drovius!

Today my host took me to the Sea World aquatic theme park down in Mission Beach!  Sea World is full of many different sea life exhibits, and home of the world famous Shamu show!

First stop in the park was to the shark exhibit. Unfortunately the exhibit was inside and with little to no lighting. The pictures did not come out well at all.  :(  But I did get a nice picture near the end of the exhibit of me by a real shark's mouth.  Scary!


Next we got to see some seals.  Look at the seal with his head up.  This seal was actually falling asleep like this!


Flamingos!  You could buy food from a machine near them to feed them.


The Forbidden Reef...


Not very forbidden if they advertise it  :rolleyes:

This is the outside of Cirque De Del Mar.  It is an attraction opening in May.  It will be a cross between an aquatic show and Cirque de Soilel.



There was this strange cow statue in the park riding a surfboard.  Whenever anyone would come close he would shout of phrases about milk and tell jokes about milk.  Very strange...


We are here.  Where is here? I dunno, but the map says we are here.  :D


Next we got to visit the sea star, sea cucumber and sea snail petting pool.  Visitors were allowed to pick up the sea creatures, gently of course.


Sea stars are very rough on the outside!


The world famous Shamu show!


The killer whale tanks are huge and connect to a nearby resturaunt where visitors can eat beside the whales.  Visitors can also go downstairs after shows and see the whales swimming around.  Most of the time they come right up to the glass!


While at Sea World we got to view the Killer Whale show. I'm not in these shots as they had to be timed just right, but you can see just how cool the show was!




After visiting Shamu... we decided to get some eats at the Shipwreck Reef Cafe and then we went on the Sky Ride in the park.



I got to see a beautiful view of Mission Bay and of all the boats and yachts that dock near Sea World!


I visited the Anheiser Busch area of the park.  Anheiser Busch the brewing company actually owns the Sea World parks all over the United States. On site they have a fake brewery and the famous Clydesdale horses.  I hear the pens to the Clydesdales are usually open when my host has visited in the past, but today they were locked up and we were not able to see the horses.  :(


Outside of the Anheiser Busch building was a collection of flags, but we were unable to figure out just what the flags were for.  Oh well!


I had a lot of fun at Sea World!



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